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Hi there, and welcome to Lily’s Florist Rockhampton. Glad you could drop by.

Just a little about us. Do you know we have confidence in the fact that flowers have the capability to produce an emotional experience, no matter what the circumstance?

Yes. We always are comfortable in the chance to send a bouquet of fresh flowers that will deliver just the right message. On time – every time – and always at a competitive price!

Fresh from the Field …

Every single flower is hand-picked from lovely gardens; and from the soil to the first bloom, our flowers are carefully developed in pristine condition to ensure ideal freshness.
Thoughtfully convenient …

Now, the process of giving gifts should be a pleasure in itself, should it not? That’s why we have deliberately designed every step in the journey of giving flowers to your loved one to be easy, effortless, and an enjoyable experience for you right from the start.

We deliver service …

Know we are there for you, our customer. Because from the care we put into our flowers, to the service we provide, we are committed to getting it right … every time.

By now, you should know we simply adore what we do, and we will guarantee that you will too!

And guess what? Something amazing has happened! We are taking flowers to the next level and are hell-bent on making your florist delivery just that little bit easier! At Lily’s Florist Rockhampton we believe flower delivery should be reliable, affordable, and hassle-free. Our desire is to provide first-class service and involvement, no matter what your budget. 

Our same-day delivery and no-hassle customer service will show that your gorgeous arrangement will arrive on time and on budget. You see, with our expert team of florists we make sure we are with you every step of the way, by phone, text or email – your choice. And with our secure site, you can pay by PayPal or credit card.

How, you may ask? Well, at the risk of repeating ourselves: We simply adore what we do and guarantee that you will too!

When words are not enough, Lily’s Florist Rockhampton complement your day in a unique way to help your friends and loved ones to feel better when you send them flowers. Our flower arrangements set trends every day, all over the world, so welcome again to flower delivery in Rockhampton. We are the site to find all your answers regarding flowers and flower deliveries.

Picture this … the doorbell rings or there’s a knock on the door. You hear the words: “Flower Delivery!”

Then you realise we can deliver smiles.

When you open the door, you are presented with an elegant vase filled with roses – and – you’re smiling – you’re surprised – then your whole day has changed for the better!

So if you want to send flowers to Rockhampton, know that we have been inspiring people to care about their friends and loved ones and finding out sending flowers to their friends and loved ones is the best way to connect with them, express themselves, and perhaps discover what’s happening?

Making people smile is no small accomplishment. It’s a passion and an art that’s been in our family, and it’s what drives us to do what we do; and it’s not just an everyday business plan; it’s actually how we see this great big country and the world!

And guess what? We believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we really love what we do! We also believe we have been successfully selling flowers for quite a while now which gives us even more love for this industry.

When we see a rose or an oriental lily, we do not just see a beautiful flower; we see an opportunity to help someone express a feeling, whether it be appreciation, gratitude, adoration, love or sympathy. It can be hard to express what is in your heart, but a special bouquet of flowers can do the job remarkably well.

The city of Rockhampton, approximately 600 kilometres north of the capital, Brisbane, is renowned as the Beef Capital of Australia. This term, obviously illustrated the fact that ‘beef’ plays a large part in Rockhampton’s economy and its existence. One need not travel far throughout the city without encountering statues of Brahman, Braford, Santa Gertrudis and Droughtmaster bulls.

The Fitzroy River is visibly the city’s lifeline from its earliest days to the present. Rockhampton’s Heritage Route takes the visitor along Quay Street by the river, and into the Central Business District. The river winds its way from its spring to the sea, providing attractions for everyone. If you require that ‘hands-on’ approach, Rockhampton House Boats are a pleasant way to spend your time on the river.

The city is home to many fine performers, artists and musicians, having the Pilbeam Theatre, a world-class venue with related theatres helping nurturing artists in their path to perform. Art galleries around the city include the Rockhampton City Art Gallery, and the Walter Reid Art Centre.

Another attraction in Rockhampton is the city’s botanic gardens, containing many examples of Indigenous fauna and flora. The South Rockhampton Botanic Gardens includes koalas, chimpanzees, numerous bird species, and much more. The Cliff Kershaw Gardens also has an imposing waterfall which is lit at night, to show sightseers along the main road through the city. Native flora and scented gardens accompany this waterfall.

Are you into bushwalking? There are varied trails to the Mount Archer Lookout to test your skills, while casting your eyes over Rockhampton from its unspoiled heights. The Lookout has had some thorough work made to the track, with barbecues and picnic tables for your relaxation.
If you have your ‘sea-legs,’ the Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour is the place to begin your sea adventures with trips to the Great Barrier Reef and Keppel Island. Once on the Reef, you will witness the most spectacular stretches of coral reef in the world; all in clear, pristine waters. Diving, reef-walking, snorkelling, or just admiring the view from the boat, are some of the wondrous sights available.

Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour is access to not only Great Keppel Island, but also Barren Island and Pumpkin Island. However, North Keppel Island is still considered one of Australia’s most popular and attractive holiday destinations.
Central Queensland’s Capricorn Region is where the Beef Capital of Rockhampton is all about!

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